It's nice to have you back if you are returning from day one. If you are just jumping in, welcome! I'm going to keep today's post rather quick. I've got a bit of a project ahead of me trying to keep up. Since this is a true snapshot of what I'm doing, I'm drafting this the day before as I follow what I do. I'm a bit of a creature of habit so you will see many things repeat. I try to spend the least amount of time I can cooking, so often I will do a variation. I will notate when I do. I knew the night before I made this dinner it was going to be very tricky evening to get everyone fed. I had an hour drive for one daughter and another in a chorus concert.. We are all so busy these days and I seem to often just come home to touch base before I have to run out again. Once you have some tricks up your sleeve it gets easier. There is a little bit of a learning curve in the beginning.

I soaked some black beans the night before knowing I could make them in a slow cooker during the day and assemble the other pieces as I had a moment here and there. Also as a note, it's funny how when you decide to make what your doing public you can't help but think about everyone else. So I think I decided to make the two last dinners as something a bit more traditional in nature. As I go forward you will probably see me utilizing leftovers and often when I don't have to feed everyone at the same time opting for very quick meals like high calorie super smoothies. I also decided to put a resources page together. This shows some local go-to spots where I live in Fairfield CT, CT and some local easy transition foods. These are easy to please for kids and husbands. They are quick fixes and lets be honest here. Sometimes we just need some junk. They are foods that prepare for the most part quickly, and often I eat something else because that's just where I am these days.  I'll keep linking to this page going forward and adding content as I have time. Thanks again for all of you have contacted me to let me know you are giving this a go. 

I start the day with lemon water & meditation

Morning Breakfast Smoothie - this morning I was low on sprouted almonds so I used 1/8 cup of sprouted almonds and 1/4 cup oats.

Turmeric Ginger Hot Shot followed by Green Juice - for today's green juice I added romaine lettuce and kale in addition to the recipe base. If you can't make the juice but can get one when you are out and about today, that's great! 

Lunch Red Lentil Pasta with Spinach and Pesto  

Snack Blueberry, Spinach Superfood Smoothie 

Dinner Mexican Bowls