Welcome to day 11! Thank you again to everyone who is participating. It's been wonderful to hear how some of you are beginning to introduce plant-based options into your diet and in some cases your families too. I'm super proud of you and love sharing what I can to help you guys find food you enjoy. 

Wake up Lemon Water & Meditation

Morning Breakfast Smoothie I added oats, chaga mushroom powder, cinnamon and cloves this time. The benefits of chaga mushroom powder include increased physical activity levels, anti-cancer and immune strengthenin among others.. It could have been antidotal, but I  noticed yesterday I had a tremendous amount of energy when I was running on the treadmill. This was the first time that I felt as if I didn't want to stop!  I only ran 2 miles, but If I didn't have to take my daughter to rock climbing, I wonder how long I would have gone? I'm going to play with adding more chaga and report back if I notice this to be a trend.

Organic Coffee & soy milk 

Turmeric Hot shot & Green Juice

Lunch raw granola from the granola parfait recipe with hemp milk instead of cashew yogurt, 2 organic corn tortillas steamed with avocado and cholula

Organic matcha tea with soy milk 

handful of goji berries for mid day snack

1/2 of the Sammie from the Sea Wrap at The Stand in Fairfield. I think the outer wrap is collard greens and inside is sunflower seed + seaweed salad, onion, cashew cream cheese, tomato, greens 

Dinner Veggie Cheese Burger and Air Fries. We had a total of six kids over for dinner. Four of them are not vegan. To make it ever more challenging one of them is allergic to nuts. After confirming with the dad that she brought an epi pen and explaining that we are are a facility that processes nuts, I went ahead and made the burgers. I ate very late for me, 8:30pm and I had some vegan beer. (If you are curious which type of alcohol is vegan you can search your brand at barnivore.com As I write this post the next day, I'm regretting it a bit. At this point I'm only having smoothies until my body feels like it's digested everything and feeling wonderful. Still tune in tomorrow. I'm including a recipe for a kids favorite, baguette sandwiches with pesto, Miyoko's Mozzarella Cheese, lettuce and tomato.