Welcome to Day 12! Yesterday's late dinner cheat of a veggie burger with cheese, air fries and beer left me feeling pretty yucky the next morning. If I eat a lot the day before and feel heavy from it, I generally graze on snacks and smoothies most of the day. In fact writing this 2 days later, I can still feel some stiffness in my muscles that tends to flare up when I don't eat my best. You can see what I ate below.

Wake-up Lemon water & Meditation

Morning Breakfast Smoothie Today I added oats, cinnamon and raw cacao powder to the recipe

I decided to give coffee a little break yesterday and had matcha tea instead

Mid morning snack- smoothie with coconut water, Vega vanilla protein powder, blueberries, banana, kale, 1 tsp flax seeds, 1 tsp spirulina and 1 tsp maca powder

2 tortillas steamed with avocado slices and cholula

I'm including a recipe for a sandwich that I made for my daughter's dance recital team even though I didn't eat it.  It's the pesto, vegan mozzarella, tomato and lettuce sandwich on a french baguette. The kids go nuts for this even if they love cheese! It's always a hit at a party or a great sandwich to pack and bring to the beach. 

I snacked on the remaining thinly sliced beets and the cashew cheese and carrots and hummus. 

I tried to make some sweet potato air fries for my family for dinner. I sliced them too thin so they didn't come out great. I ended up eating the sweet potato slices raw as I made them. I was surprised at how good they were. My slices were 1/10th of an inch.

Dinner was a slice of pan seared tofu and broccoli and a smoothie with chaga mushroom powder, banana, 1 tbsp of raw cacao powder and cinnamon.