Welcome to day 15! Remember to drink lots of water throughout the day and eat as many fruits and vegetables, legumes and grains that you desire. The better we fuel our bodies with nutrients the better we will feel. The lovely by-product of this way of eating is you will also look your best. 

Wake up Lemon Water & Meditation

Nutrient-Packed Everything but the Kitchen Sink Smoothie

organic matcha tea from Japan with soy milk (30 minutes after the smoothie)

clementine for snack

lunch- Veggie Summer Rolls with peanut sauce from Peter's Market in Weston. They are rolls of cucumbers, lettuce, avocado and carrots in a rice wrap. 

snack Matcha Smoothie

dinner- Yellow Dal with Brown Rice I used the recipe from Vegetarian Times. When I cook this for my husband and I, I include the crushed red pepper. My youngest daughter who is sensitive to spice was eating it with us tonight so I left it out. It's great both ways. You can find yellow dal at most Indian Restaurants. Some offer brown rice and others only have white. I usually go to Mumbai Times in Westport because they have brown rice and will adjust many items on the menu to vegan if they aren't already that way.