Welcome to Day 16! It's kind of late and I'm going to make today's post short. I'm really proud of my new cosmic coconut smoothie. If it sounds good, check out the recipe link below. It's especially delicious on a hot day . I drank mine right before a run. Now on with today's food. 

Wake up Lemon Water & Meditation 

Morning Breakfast Smoothie I added 1/3 teaspoon shilaji powder, 1 date, a sprinkle of cloves and cinnamon and 1/3 cup of raw oats instead of the almonds. 

Green Juice

Cosmic Coconut Smoothie

Leftover Yellow Dal & Brown Rice from the night before 

Dinner: Macaberry Health-ade Kombucha and the Mediterranean Protein Bowl from Organika. I have them substitute tofu for the baked falafels and it's delicious. The bowl also has organic red and white quinoa, cucumbers, tomatoes, mint, red onions, chickpeas, lemon and ginger tahini sauce 

Snack: Choconutty for Chocolate Chip Cookies from Gena Hamshaw's Choosing Raw Cookbook This dessert has walnuts, coconut and cacao nibs in it. My family loves them.