Welcome to day 17! If you have been following this challenge sequentially, you already know that each day represents what I ate the day before. I have kept it true to what I'm doing and trying my best not to be influenced by the fact that I'm writing it down to be seen in public. One of the benefits of me doing it this way is that I can share with you when I find that something I ate either didn't agree with me or had a significant positive change. Today I have two things to report. The first is that I experimented with some seitan for dinner last night. Although I quite enjoy it, I think the last time I had some was for our Christmas dinner. It's because it makes me bloated the next day. Sadly, it still holds true. I'll keep it for special occasions for now. The second thing is potentially really exciting. My oldest daughter who is almost 14 has been the only family member to really suffer from allergies. Although they have been significantly better this year than others after she ditched the remaining dairy in her life, she still suffers from a constant cough when it flares up. It's been terrible for her this past week. I was listening to Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger's recent episode on Allergies! early today. He spoke about a study on white mushrooms that showed consuming them once a week would help allergies for up to 2 weeks! I decided to feed my daughter 1 cup of steamed cremini mushrooms for dinner along with streamed broccoli, tofu and brown rice. The next day she barely coughed! She couldn't believe it. We are going to continue experimenting to see if this was a fluke or indeed a very needed solution to her problem.

Wake up Lemon Water & Meditation 

Morning Breakfast Smoothie 

Organic Green Matcha with Soy Milk

Green Juice I used a pear instead of an apple and a raw walnut coconut cookie. 

Lunch My two yoga friends Dara and John took me out to lunch today. If you guys are reading this. Thanks again. :) We went to Catch a Healthy Habit in Fairfield. I had a beet, red apple and lemon juice and the tostada and 1/2 of a caramel bar for dessert. 

Organic Green Matcha with Soy Milk

Snack Strawberries 

Dinner I was the only one home for dinner yesterday and ate nothing worth posting. I had some prepared seitan, steamed, a baked potato and a smoothie with 1.5 cups coconut water, blueberries, kale, 1/2 a banana and 1 tsp of maca powder