Welcome to Day 18! Doing this challenge during the last month of the school year has been really difficult. I haven't had much time home and when I'm here, I've been busy teaching, taking care of the kids and blogging. The weekends have been full of recitals and parties. I discovered that I started eating a lot closer to the way I did during my Dharma training out of necessity.  I'm eating very simple foods, brown rice or quinoa, steamed vegetables, smoothies, lentils and beans and salads. That's pretty much it. Most of us know how do do these things but often unless something is elaborate or pre-packaged then we assume there is nothing to eat. The reality is eating this way is really the healthiest for our bodies. It's very close to it's natural state. 

Wake up Lemon Water & Meditation

Morning Breakfast Smoothie with Brazil Nut Milk 

Green Juice

I made an awful looking smoothie for lunch. I was going to make the Cosmic Coconut Smoothie and realized that I didn't have any more coconut water. I ended up using coconut milk instead and using a slightly larger avocado. It was too thick so I added blueberries. I drank it, but in hind sight, I should have used pineapple instead and a little more banana. 

Steamed Tofu, Mushrooms, Broccoli and Brown Rice