Congratulations on making it all the way through! It's been interesting for me to document exactly what I've been eating for the past 21 days. I hope you found it helpful. The biggest surprise to me was that I really didn't anticipate how crazy schedules get at the end of the school year. I'm guessing if you have school aged-kids your schedule went a little topsy turvy too. 

During these past short 3 weeks we had Father's Day, Dance recital weekend, out of the ordinary schedule rehearsals after school, graduations and a pumped up dance schedule to prepare for Nationals next week. Finding an hour or so to update the blog daily left me desperate at times to use what I had on hand for any given moment.

There was very little time spent prepping and preparing food for the duration of the challenge. The only thing that was a little labor intensive was the raw granola recipe. While I enjoy spending a little more time planning and cooking, this challenge did allow me to show you a realistic snapshot of how to eat plant-based when the schedule gets really tight. There were a lot of superfoods and a ton of fruits and vegetables. I went back and checked to see how often I consumed my daily goal of 10 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. I met and often exceeded the 10 all but 3 days. Those days each came in at 9. 

I also wanted to give those of you who are experimenting for the first time with eating plant-based some ideas on how to use plant-based meats as substitutes. I hope you enjoyed some of the recipes. There is one in tonight's meal too. 

I hope you continue to experiment eating this way. Adopting a compassionate diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans and nuts has the power to transform and heal ourselves, saves lives and make a  powerful impact on the environment. If you were able to do the 3 weeks, it's estimated that you saved 24,750 gallons of water, 675 sq. ft of forest, 23 animal lives, 900 lbs of grain and 450 lbs of C02 (

Wake up Lemon Water & Meditation

bowl of raw granola and strawberries in hemp milk

Smoothie- I'm not going to make a recipe out of this one because it wasn't fabulous. I would opt for the Blueberry Ginger, Superfoods Smoothie instead. What I made today was coconut milk, 2 bananas 4 tbsps hemp protein powder, 1 tbsp hemp, 1/4 cup frozen pineapple, 1/4 organic dried coconut and 1 cup of kale. It was a bit bitter and I think the problem was the protein powder. I think it needs a bit more sweet to take the edge off. 

2 tsps goji berries for snack

bowl of brown rice with Braggs liquid aminos

dinner Plant Chick'n Wraps

snack raspberries, blackberries and a vegan chocolate espresso truffle