Congratulations on still being with me for 5 days! This past week, I have tried to show more examples of traditional foods. I have had days of 100% plant-based whole foods which is ultimately the goal. I have had other days where I have leaned on a transition food either for lack of time or in the case of tonight's dinner deciding to run and put my husband in charge of a family boat dinner. Some days, I cheat. I normally try to limit a cheat to once a week and usually it's only for one meal. I just don't feel great when I do it more often. I feel it's important to show that I'm not by any means perfect. I also want to show you that eating a plant-based diet can also look rather normal. Not everyone is up for always eating pure, but before you throw in the towel, you might as well have some tricks up your sleeve.

As a reminder in case you joined in late, this is a snapshot of 21 days of what I'm eating. Always eat as many fruits and vegetables and plant-based whole foods as you wish. I drink lots of water during the day. I have organic coffee with soy milk in the morning and matcha tea from Japan during the day. Wait 30 minutes before and after meals when drinking coffee and tea as to not interfere with absorbing iron. You want to do better than me? Skip it and go caffeine free. I did this for about 5 months to cleanse but I'm not doing it now, and well, I'm honest to a fault. Be sure to visit the resources page from time to time. I will be updating this section to included books in addition to what's already up there. Now on with the day!

Wake-up Lemon Water & Meditation 

Morning Breakfast Smoothie - This morning I did oats again and no cinnamon. You can also feel free to add a greens like kale or spinach if you wish. I also like to add 1 tbsp of cacao powder from time to time. 

Lunch Tempeh Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato Sandwich

Snack 2 raw walnut cookies. See Day 4's blog post for more info. 

Dinner Veggie Cheese Burger, Kombucha & Strawberries

Snack Green Juice today I added Olivia's Organic Sauce Blend which has a nice assortment of dark leafy greens and a tsp of spirulina.