Welcome to Day 9!  I had a couple of days of leftovers to use today for the family. I kept my meals quick and light. I also just made a batch of kombucha and a recipe page for it. . If you are curious about making it , check it out. I will eventually put together a page of recipes together and let you know when it's up. I now have over 20! Wow, it's been a busy 9 days.

Wake up: Lemon Water & Meditation Don't undervalue the mediation portion and skip it. Great changes come from within, especially when the mind is quieter. 

Morning Breakfast Smoothie, yep I almost always do this, but a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal with fruit or another type of smoothie would be a lovely start. Sometimes I make a chia seed pudding and have that for breakfast. 

Turmeric Hot Shot and Green Juice 

Lunch- Buckwheat Onion Bread with Avocado, Lemon & Cayenne and Banana, Almond & Cacao Smoothie For those of you following this who live in Weston, CT, Peter's market has an organic whole wheat bread by The Bread Alone. I bought this for the family and was stunned at the purity of ingredients. They even use black strap molasses! I usually don't eat bread and if it's whole wheat it has to be organic. I have never seen an ingredient list so pure. Please check it out if you like bread. You might have to ask for it because it wasn't with all of the packaged regular breads. This would work great for this meal. 

Snack: large bowl of strawberries with 1 tsp flaxseeds sprinkled on top

Dinner: I had a very large serving of the Mediterranean Salad with Quinoa and Tofu and a serving of sweet potato air fries. My daughter had Curly Sweet Potato Air Fries with the Mediterranean Salad and 7 Grain Crispy Tenders 

Snack: handful of goji berries and a couple of brazil nuts.