I have to admit, I got a little swept up in the hype of the anticipated price cuts for Wholefoods  Market now that they are owned by Amazon. I waited until today to do a bit of grocery shopping. 

I didn't go for a lot of food, just the usual fruits, veggies and a few other things we were getting low on. Well, drumroll please.... It was okay.

I photographed some of the sales that were new.  I also noticed that organic grapes, green and red were on sale for $2.50 a lb which was a nice deal. I also spotted organic raspberries at $2.50 a box. I still spent a lot, but I always get wonderful organic produce at the Fairfield, CT market. We don't have a lot of wonderful markets here so I spend more money on quality fruits and vegetables because I consider it an investment towards my family's health. I still could use a nicer price break, and hope they do more to keep me out of the best deal in town, Trader Joe's. 

I asked the cashier on the way out if he experienced a big difference today. His response was the bananas and avocados were a lot cheaper but that was about it.