The more prepared you can be in advance, the easier it is to eat healthy. I cook in batches and keep a well stocked fridge. Yesterday I made a couple of dishes that my family could reheat for lunches and dinners and some forbidden rice. I also stock my fridge with tons of fruits and vegetables. 

I tend to eat very simply when left to my own devices. The simpler the food, the easier it is for my body to digest it. When I eat this way, I find that my body becomes extremely flexible and strong. Plus, I'm not spending a lot of time day to day making food. 

I made this bowl for lunch in under 5 minutes.  I love forbidden rice because it is high in protein, vitamin E and antioxidants. It was once reserved exclusively for Chinese Emperors during the Ching and Ming Dynasties because it was thought to have powers of longevity and good health. Who doesn't want that? 

I added some Braggs Liquid Aminos at the end. You could alternatively use tamari or coconut liquid aminos.