It's important to make sure we eat a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday. I make it a daily goal is to try to eat at least 10 different kinds because they all contain different healing powers for optimum health.

While I have no problem meeting my daily ten, for whatever reason, I have a harder time incorporating orange colored fruits and vegetables into my daily diet. I usually have turmeric at least in tea form and carrots reasonably often but that's usually about it. 


In the last couple of months, I've had two gorgeous and vibrant friends who are both near 70 years old tell me to look into the Medical Medium, Anthony William. On both accounts, they uttered the disclaimer, he's way out there as he gets his information from "spirit" but they both believe his information is right on. When I say these women are gorgeous, I mean it. Both of them look decades younger than they really are and it's not because of plastic surgery, botox and fillers. Their vibrance is a direct result of their self care and lifestyle. 

I listened to his podcast on heart health because heart disease runs on my father's side of the family.  I decided to try to take the advice that he gave to one of his friends who had not eaten an orange in over a year! He told him to eat 3 oranges a day until further notice. According to Anthony William the calcium in oranges protects the nervous system as well as the heart. The bioflavonoids and vitamin c in oranges also protect the heart. I'm all for eating lots of fruits and veggies so it made perfect sense that I should give it a try. 

I don't particularly like to eat oranges. I find them annoying to peel and the texture's a little ho hum. I decided to craft a smoothie that incorporates oranges instead. I also wanted to see if I could get turmeric root in there too. It's a more powerful boost if you can use fresh turmeric in one form or another. Through my experimenting I realized the only way to incorporate the turmeric into the smoothie without it tasting like a curry was to juice it first. So if you decide to make the smoothie and do not have a juicer, my advice is to omit the turmeric juice, black pepper and ginger juice from the smoothie. It's delicious without it as well.

Orange Radiance Smoothie Recipe:
2 oranges peeled
1/2 banana
1 cup liquid- I like organic unsweetened soy milk for a creamy texture and added protein but almond milk with a  tablespoon of hemp or chia seeds is a nice substitution if you don't like soy. You could also use water.
1 cup organic spinach leaves
1.5 inch sized piece or turmeric root peeled and juiced
1/2 inch piece of ginger root juiced
1 small pinch of black pepper to increase the turmeric's bioavailability

Blend on high under smooth. During the winter months I make my smoothies a little warmer and blend them a little more.  In summer months I freeze my bananas for a cold creamy consistency.