This is one of my favorites. I originally fell in love with a version at Terri NYC while doing my Dharma Mittra Yoga training. This was the perfect snack after a long day of practicing and I usually inhaled it. This version is made with cashew yogurt although the one at Terri was a soy yogurt at the time that was creamier than this version.. I enjoy the coconut yogurts too but I treat coconut with a little reservation because it's so high in saturated fat. Although you can read that many find it's the new panacea for ailments, many of the popular whole foods plant-based nutrition doctors out there aren't behind this. 

Raw Granola I use the one from Everyday Raw. I found a version online that has been tweaked slightly. It's completely made from soaked nuts and seeds. You don't have to use this version, but look for one that does not contain refined sugar. You can find some decent paleo versions in the supermarket that will make a good substitute. 

Unsweetened Vegan Yogurt- Pictured above is Forager Project Cashewgurt Plain. I actually prefer Kite Hill's Almond Yogurt in plain but this was good too.

Berries of your choice. 

Sprinkle with Cinnamon