I use this lentil recipe as a base and use it for different purposes with my family members. In the version pictured, I added fresh spinach to the bottom of the bowl and served the hot lentils on top allowing them to wilt the spinach so it was just cooked.

My youngest daughter had her's with a baked potato and steamed broccoli for dinner. When I'm making a nicer dinner for my whole family I prepare some mashed potatoes. I then take the warm lentils and put the mashed potatoes on the top to make a shepherd's pie. In that case, I use either a tsp of rosemary or a tablespoon of fresh as my herb when cooking the lentils. Once I assemble the dish, I add some daiya mozzarella cheese on top and broil it just to slightly brown the potatoes and melt the cheese. 

Our schedule is nutty this year and I often have to prepare 3-4 separate dinners. This is versatile and it easily adaptable. I make it while I'm working on the computer at home and have it ready to go in the refrigerator. 

My oldest daughter will be at dance for 5 hours after school tonight. That wasn't a typo! Feeding her is my ultimate challenge because she's often faced with 10 minutes here and there to eat. Or she goes out, but it's too expensive for me all the time. So this morning, I added a little more water to the lentils to make it more like a soup as I heated it up. I used the microwave because I seriously had 5 minutes to get her out the door. I knew she'd get a decent amount of nutrition and time to eat it for lunch. I added a handful of the Olivia's Organic Saute to the soup. My husband will just take the leftovers and put something together. He's really easy to please and will eat almost anything I tell him is healthy at this point. 

Serves 6-8 servings

2 cups Brown or Green Lentils (you can use a red lentil if you are short on time and it will cook in about 20-25 minutes instead of 40 but won't be great for the Shephard's pie mentioned above)

1 organic tomato chopped

4 carrots chopped

3 large organic stalks of celery chopped

8 cups filtered water

herbs of choice- I used 1 tsp marjoram and 1 tsp oregano together but 1 tsp rosemary would be lovely. 

1/4 cup liquid aminos (Braggs or Coconut)


1 onion chopped

1 garlic chopped

2-3 yukon organic potatoes chopped and peeled (I'll even do russet if that's all I have) 

Add everything but the potato add-on. If you are making a version with potatoes and not planning to bake or mash them to a large pot. Bring to a boil and then simmer partially covered for 20 minutes. Check the water level. If you have lost too much liquid add extra. If you are using the potatoes add them now. Simmer again partially covered for another 20 minutes. Stir in the Liquid Aminos and serve.

Note- I did not use onion and garlic in my versions because I didn't have any garlic and I've found that my youngest daughter will happily eat this without. Sometimes I even feed this to my dogs as long as there isn't onion, garlic and I hold on the liquid aminos too. 

If you are using red lentils you can add the potatoes at the same time you add all of the other ingredients. I would also not use the rosemary for this version.