Serves 4

Organic Large French Baguette

Vegan Pesto ( use the recipe in the red lentil pasta or buy a vegan pesto at Wholefoods in the refrigerated vegan foods section)

2 organic tomatoes cut into thin slices

2-4 leave organic romaine lettuce

Miyoko's VeganMozz (you can find this at Wholefoods)

Cut the baguette in half. Spread a thin layer of pesto on the bottom piece of the bread. Add a layer of tomato slices. Place the cheese on top. Go very light with the veganmozz. Treat it similar to goat cheese. I use about 2-4 very thin slices per baguette and scatter lightly so you just get a very small amount per bite. You want to get a hint of the cheese taste without overdoing it. Add a layer of lettuce and place the top of the bread into place. Cut into to slices to serve.

This is a huge crowd pleaser. Kids love this!