Welcome to day 7. If you have been joining me the whole time, congratulations! Personally I'm happy to know we are a third of the way done because keeping on top of this everyday is a challenge for me too.

I was talking to my husband today about this project. I call it a challenge because I have some students following it because they have asked me what it is I do. If I tried to put a plan together, then it's not a true reflection of what I'm doing.  I will most likely put something together after this is finished,  but it's interesting for me to document what I'm doing at the time. It's also interesting to think, when you know you are putting it out there, how much of what I choose to do is influenced by this thought of judgement? I'm trying to do my best to make this represent something authentic. I am constantly influenced by other books and podcasts. I'm always trying to learn but where do I draw the line between balancing what I read and learn what I should be eating and what I know my body feels best doing? I feel as a society we are losing the ability to think on our own. We are just mammals at the end of the day. We should be able to tap into what we need without googling it. :)   My body is telling me at this point I have added a little more cooked than what I love. Now that you have a base of 7 days and something to feed yourself and others if you need it, I will add even more raw.  Remember to drink a lot of water too. 

I've also just added the 21 Day Challenge to my navigation above. It's easier to look at then the blog section and has a link directly to the just updated resources page too which now includes a link to veganessentials so you can buy anything you need easily online. Now on with the day!

Wake-up Lemon Water & Meditation

Morning Breakfast Smoothie- I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, perhaps mildly depressed. So I added 1/4 teaspoons shilajit powder to the smoothie. I was still behind on sprouting almonds so I used 1/3 cup oats again. I don' t know if it was the powder or perhaps just having a class of some awesome students that morning, but I was in a great mood the rest of the day. 

Organic Coffee with Soy milk 30 minutes after the smoothie. 

Turmeric Ginger Hot Shot and Green Juice

Snack - Granola Parfait-  I used blueberries as my fruit but I really wanted raspberries and didn't have any on hand.

Lunch - Lentils over Wilted Spinach

Matcha Tea with Soymilk 

Dinner- Baked Potato with liquid aminos, a little steamed tofu and broccoli. Blueberry Superfoods Smoothie. I added 2 tbsps of chia and 1 tbsp of hempseeds and raw cacao powder. I did not use spirulina because I added it to my juice earlier that day. 

Snack- Choconutty for Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are so good that my oldest daughter who hates to cook make a batch for me. This recipe is in Gena Hamshaw's Choosing Raw Cookbook

Hibiscus Tea